eDocumentus is an integrated software solution for electronic documents and business processes management. eDocumentus centralizes and unifies document operations within an organization, and allows automatisation and business processes management.

eDocumentus offers a web application as a user interface. With its intuitive interface which provides all the necessary information without overloading the user with unimportant data. The eDocumentus web application represents an ideal solution for users who are installing the computer system for the first time with incorporated architecture that allows easy changes and expansion. The eDocumentus web application provides a good basis that will continue to expand with the growing number of users.

Although the web application offers a complete solution for document management and workflow management, eDocumentus facilitates very easy integration into already existing systems.

eDocumentus includes all the range of functions, namely: document identification, storing, retrieving, change tracking, versioning, workflow management and document presentation.

The eDocumentus automation of business processes offers a new dimension in process function allowing real time access and analysis of any aspect of the entire business process.

eDocumentus is intended for companies and organizations that:

  • Operate with a large amount of documentation
  • Require central access to all their documents
  • Aim at paper document reduction
  • Operate a large amount of projects that require execution supervision
  • Want business documentation to be systematically organized
  • Require IT support of an ISO 9000 quality management system
  • Wish to accelerate everyday business processes through automation
  • Endeavour to harmonize all elements of the business process
  • Need to control all document and access data
  • Wish to realize a long-term solution for archiving documents and cases.

eDocumentus presents a convenient platform for both individual and team office work. The messaging modules enable fast and simple communication with any user or group within the system. This also allows online meetings, personal message exchange, user information uploading and more. The individual user can organize tasks with the help of task list and reminders. Besides organizing public documents, the user can also organize personal document structures (Personal Documents).

eDocumentus document management module represents a system for electronic document management. It controls the entire document life cycle – how the documents are created, organized, distributed, reviewed, published and consumed, and finally how they are archived.

eDocumentus is dedicated to data and document privacy, so security mechanisms have been developed, and it is possible to preset not only the access permissions to a document, but also a whole set of authorizations, so it is very easy to set up operation profiles on a document. Document visibility can be set up (who can see the document), who is permitted to read the document, who is permitted to change it, who is permitted to change document attributes, and so on. Additional security is provided by encryption on the folder level or document stores, as well as digital signatures on the document.

eDocumentus workflow module allows process dynamic generation of the forms with the description of manual actions which user has to perform. Interpreting the process definition, workflow framework generates the forms which describe the task a person has to perform in detail, showing the required documents or even an entire structure of the file and similar.

eDocumentus enables you to monitor processes currently being executed at any time, and to find out which user is doing what and for how long. This provides information on the degree of project completion, and which user is currently working on the project. Being able to follow the history of process execution provides easy access to the data regarding where the process bottlenecked, and productivity can be increased by optimizing that section or modifying the process itself.

eDocumentus in its basic architecture includes support for following standards and widely used programming languages: J2EE, Java, XML, XSLT, JSR 168, WebDAV, WfMC, FTP, HTTP and HTML. As a standard based system it allows other application access to eDocumentus services using standard interfaces and protocols such as WebDav, JDBC, FTP and Web Services. eDocumentus services provide options which in a safe way deliver contents to partners, allowing document exchange based on HTTP, FTP and WebDAV protocols.