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What are the roles of a Business Analyst and a Software Developer in Prozone?

We spoke with Nataša, a Business Analyst, and Branislav, a Software Developer who work together on the project across a number of departments of our long-time client, an oil company. We were eager to learn about the projects they are working on and the status of their collaboration.

Prozone IT Solutions

Our first 20 years – beginning, ups, and downs of Prozone

Patience, persistence, and hard work are the way to success. This year, we are celebrating our 20th birthday, and we are a hundred percent sure that this is what has led to a stable company that helps a number of industries make their jobs easier and more efficient. A journey of thousand miles is behind […]

Prozone IT Solutions

Why Custom Software is the Right Choice for You

The advantage of custom software is that you have a team that can understand all of your requests at any moment and make them happen.

eDocumentus in the Middle East

Prozone has created a new version of eDocumentus – (Document Management System) for the Middle East market. 

From now on, users in this region will be able to create and manage business documents and processes using eDocumentus in Arabic.

Software localization in this case does not only involves translation into Arabic but also the complete change of the interface itself. Due to the specificity of the Arabic language, the items visible on the screen are moved from left to right. The change of the organization – from left to right does not include only the position of the labels and input fields. It also means changing the position of the menu, the organization of the directory tree, table columns, etc.  The platform has been modified enabling operational elements to be moved from right to left and vice versa.

eDocumentus Commodity Price Monitoring V9.5 is an Electronic Price Monitoring of Commodity Market Prices utilizing the latest technology in Business Process automation. The product is completely web-based and can be hosted on the cloud or may be installed and configured on the premise according to customer requirements. The product covers several technological features such as Archiving, Workflow, WebDAV, and WebOffice as well as feature-rich functionality modules which cover:
– Market Price Entry – Allow Market-Users to enter agreed list of commodity prices for proper monitoring.
– Market Price Review – Allow Relevant Organizations to review the registered commodity prices.
– Market Price Publishing – Allow Relevant Organizations to publish reviewed and possibly revised commodity prices for the Public.
– Market Price Portal – Public Portal to view latest registered Market Commodity Price Entries.
– Market Price Mobile App – Allow Public to view latest registered Market Commodity Price Entries on Mobile.
– Market Price Inspection – Allow Relevant Organizations users to conduct inspection visits to the Market using mobile phone/tablet apps to record price discrepancies, and other observations, and to take product price photos and upload to the system
– Market Notifications – Allow Relevant Organization to send Emails and/or system Push Notifications to users, the Public, or Market Users.
– Market Performance – Market Price Dashboard to display to authorized users commodity price variances (weekly, monthly, yearly, and according to any requested time period).

Prozone has been operating in the Middle East since 2013 it has had its own company in Kuwait, Prozone ME.