PROZONE DMS for Asset Management – eDocumentus

Financial and banking
Energy and Utilities
Streamline and automate digital banking operations for various finance, risk, and compliance systems to reduce cost and complexity, while driving sales of innovative products and services.
Implement integration and end user-centric solutions to improve government services and streamline internal processes through robust software, enterprise mobility and analytics.
Provide oil and gas enterprises with best practices to help improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of their critical assets.
Handle the end-to-end process of energy generation, transmission, distribution, and retail by digitizing energy management systems to meet changing regulatory, environmental, operational, customer, and technological needs.

PROZONE DMS for Asset Management - eDocumentus

PROZONE provides comprehensive solution for asset management and maintenance to companies using and implementing the IBM Maximo software product.

These solutions help increase the reliability of equipment and infrastructure as well as its maintenance in companies of all sizes. The implementation of IBM Maximo software products enables better cost control, performance improvement, efficient management of assets, facilities, IT equipment, and staff that is in charge of providing services and the maintenance of all tangible and intangible assets. With the assistance of these products, it is possible to significantly improve processes related to the lifecycle of equipment and assets – from procurement to maintenance. This improves the performance of equipment utilization and reduces operating costs.

In addition to standard modules (management of assets, procurements, materials and spare parts, contracts and services), Maximo software products offer many other benefits.

PROZONE DMS for Asset Management – eDocumentus

PROZONE DMS for Asset Management – eDocumentus is the Enterprise Asset Management application system which allows working with documents from eDocumentus platform within the IBM Maximo system. This component helps Maximo users to store and organize documents in a secure location – eDocumentus. It also allows users to organize documents into folders, record additional document attributes using document attributes and types, easily search documents, track document versions, and record all information about document changes.

Using eDocumentus solution for documents management Maximo users can use all the standard functionalities for technical documentation management. Both Maximo users and users outside of the Maximo system have the same, controlled access to it. The complete integration of the eDocumentus DMS system with IBM Maximo system is what made these functionalities possible. Documentation can be accessed through Maximo application interface where a structured group of documents is assigned to each object.