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What are the roles of a Business Analyst and a Software Developer in Prozone?

We spoke with Nataša, a Business Analyst, and Branislav, a Software Developer who work together on the project across a number of departments of our long-time client, an oil company. We were eager to learn about the projects they are working on and the status of their collaboration.

Prozone IT Solutions

Our first 20 years – beginning, ups, and downs of Prozone

Patience, persistence, and hard work are the way to success. This year, we are celebrating our 20th birthday, and we are a hundred percent sure that this is what has led to a stable company that helps a number of industries make their jobs easier and more efficient. A journey of thousand miles is behind […]

Prozone IT Solutions

Why Custom Software is the Right Choice for You

The advantage of custom software is that you have a team that can understand all of your requests at any moment and make them happen.

Is IBM Maximo the Right EAM Software for You?

Across B2B and B2C industries, companies rely on a multitude of physical assets working impeccably at every moment in order to ensure maximum efficiency and quality of work processes. With IoT devices becoming integral elements for businesses performing everyday tasks, management and monitoring of assets prove crucial for staying operational and optimized.


That’s where EAM software comes in. Enterprise Asset Management systems offer comprehensive tools for managing enterprise-wide assets, primarily equipment, machinery, and vehicles. The software is crucial for obtaining the insights and data necessary for maintaining and controlling intelligent company assets. 


The leading Enterprise Asset Management software of today, IBM Maximo is a robust system that covers a variety of different aspects of an enterprise’s work processes, from asset management and predictive maintenance to remote monitoring and in-depth analysis and reporting.


IBM Maximo is a broad, powerful solution that provides companies with an array of significant features and useful options. However, is an EAM system what your business needs – find out in the remainder of the text.



What is IBM Maximo?


IBM’s enterprise asset management software is designed to optimize the performance of company assets throughout their lifecycle, and thus increase productive uptime, drive efficiency, and reduce operating costs.


Maximo sports several highly valuable options, such as asset management, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance.


Asset management feature enables analysis and optimization of performance and extended lifecycle of assets, as well as operational downtime reduction. Maximo boasts enterprise-wide, AI-powered remote controlling options. Besides, this EAM software includes a predictive maintenance feature that uses insights from operational data and analytics.


IBM Maximo offers additional products to extend the asset management solution to suit the specific needs of your industry. The system enables change in the application page layouts, labels, and customer-defined content, as well as process automation and workflow opportunities. IBM’s system encompasses Business Intelligence and Reporting for creating reports for company processes such as work orders, inventories, and suppliers, etc.


The software comes as an application suite, SaaS, and On-Prem solution. Moreover, it offers a variety of applications, from on-premises to cloud, and perpetual licenses to monthly subscriptions.



Who uses IBM Maximo?

Apps research and buyer insight website, Apps Run the World, conducted a study of IBM Maximo’s customer base. The research showed that Maximo is primarily used in the professional services industry, followed by the oil, gas, and chemical industry, construction and real estate, utilities, manufacturing, and the transportation industry as the least present among the software’s customers. 


Breakdown of IBM Maximo’s clients by the number of employees shows that 60% of those companies have between 1000 and 10000 workers, with the remaining 40% divided equally between businesses with 100-1000 and 10000+ employees.


When it comes to the company revenue, 60% of Maximo’s clients reported over $1000 million, with the remaining 40% declaring between $100 and $1000 million in revenue.


Some of IBM Maximo software users are world-renowned companies and leaders such as Universal Parks, Atkins Global, CHS Inc., Thames Water, Mitie, QuadReal, Volker Wessells Stevin, and others. 


IBM’s EAM system is developed principally for industries such as energy and utilities, chemical and petroleum, transportation, and manufacturing, although its unique features can be utilized across the board, in government, banking, finances, and a wide variety of other industries.


In fact, IBM’s data show that Maximo is used by half of the world’s largest oil and gas, and utility companies, and two-thirds of the leading pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, and defense organizations. The system manages some of the most asset-intensive global enterprises, for example, 5 of the 15 busiest shipping ports in the world, and 9 of the 18 hectic airports in the world.



Is IBM Maximo EAM System the Right Choice for You?


Maximo is a wise choice if your company employs heavy machinery, fleets of vehicles, multiple facilities, or any other type of physical assets. IBM Maximo entails niche-specific asset management options, meaning you won’t have to have second thoughts about whether the software will prove effective and appropriate for your industry. 


This EAM software is designed for large enterprises with multiple facilities, large numbers of assets, and machinery that carry the workload of the company’s processes. Organizations that are asset-dependent will find IBM Maximo’s asset management capabilities invaluable, as they help tasks become more transparent, coherent, automated, and streamlined.


Maximo is a robust asset management software and therefore an excellent choice for international organizations – and all those who aspire to become one. Regardless of your industry niche, the IBM Maximo enterprise asset management system provides a set of helpful and effective tools for all your company’s needs and requirements in both basic Maximo version and industry-specific add-ons.


For the most beneficial integration of IBM Maximo EAM software into your work processes and tasks, you can at any time contact the system’s vendors who can provide help with choosing the best Maximo option suitable to your organization’s demands.