Custom solutions

Financial and banking
Energy and Utilities
Streamline and automate digital banking operations for various finance, risk, and compliance systems to reduce cost and complexity, while driving sales of innovative products and services.
Implement integration and end user-centric solutions to improve government services and streamline internal processes through robust software, enterprise mobility and analytics.
Provide oil and gas enterprises with best practices to help improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of their critical assets.
Handle the end-to-end process of energy generation, transmission, distribution, and retail by digitizing energy management systems to meet changing regulatory, environmental, operational, customer, and technological needs.


RlrOZE RlROZE is a BPM software solution for leasing applications processing. At the heart of this BPM solution is an eDocumentus platform that enables smooth storage and documentation management, while the points of integration with external services used by the leasing (insurance) company are set within the DMS formats: withdrawal of reports from the Business Registers Agency, Credit Bureau reports, black list reports and PEP list.

ELEE softver

ELEE software is a tool used by the energy manager for checking facilities, equipment and energy consumption system in the facility, with the intention to ensure rational energy consumption. This software provides a clear insight into the status of the energy installations, equipment, and all structural properties of the facility that have a significant impact on energy consumption. The goal of the energy review is to detect the places and causes of irrational energy consumption with the elimination of which not only that we achieve energy savings, but also savings in the budget, and the prolongation of the lifecycle of equipment and installations.



eParliament is a software solution that facilitates management of parliamentary documentation and local assemblies’ sessions. The system is designed to help the parliaments be more efficient, to improve the quality of information and better management of the growing scope and complexity of the parliamentary work.

The software was ordered by the United Nations Development Program and it is fully parameterized so it could be easily implemented in any Assembly, even though the ways of conducting sessions, submission of material deadlines, and the time limits for addresses vary between different local self-governments.

The system has been developed as a web application solution using Angular Technology – for the view of the Chairperson and the Ionic tablet application and for the councilors’ view. It is also integrated with audio/video components via image and sound transmission during the sessions.

The application for the Lawyers' Office Aleksić

The application for the Lawyers’ Office Aleksić and associates contains functions used for automated tasks which cover the records of file cases and other protocol units that follow up the file cases – list of the parties – defendants by lots, hearings management, expenses and payments. The application enables organized and systematic storing of data and documents related to cases and their efficient and easy search.

SDPR Module "Business" developed for JP SDPR

Module “Business” developed for the Public Company SDPR – Jugoimport covers the operations that the Directorate for Commercial Affairs and Development deals with. A plug-in for MS Outlook was developed within the module with which the documentation from the external correspondence of Jugoimport with the suppliers and subcontractors, and mainly with customers, is simply placed from the attachment in the incoming email in the DMS within the “Business” entity. The module is enriched with the mechanisms for internal correspondence between the employees in the company and the mechanism for documentation approving.

Module “Account”developed for the Public Company SDPR – Jugoimport covers the activities of the Directorate for Economic and Financial Operations. Implementation of the module reduces the circulating of the entry invoice paper document through the company. When the account is entered into the Accounting, it is sent directly to the last in the chain of the Accounting Department, while other processing and approvals are done based on electronic copy of the invoice through DMS.

Integrity plans

The application enables entering of data and documents that refer to public authorities, and other organizations and legal entities enforcing the public officials, employees and employees to comply with laws, codes of conduct and work ethically to avoid corruption and improve their operations.


Monitoring the implementation of the Law on Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns

The information system records the method of obtaining and providing financial resources for regular work and election campaigns of political entities, bans and restrictions on the disposal of state assets, funds and public authorizations during the campaign and control, supervision and audit of financing and financial operations of political entities in order to achieve legality and the transparency of their work.

The specific implementation of the system is characterized by adaptability to changes in laws, monitoring of reporting of political entities, and warnings about possible law violations.


P-MIS is an information system for administrative management of persons in detention (PID) in the maximum security state prison. The system records personal data of PID, keeps information about their activities in prison, communication with the court, visits (personal and those of institution), as well as information about their penological treatment.
Due to its specific application, the system was developed with the assistance of highly qualified experts in the field of work with persons in detention.

Public Debt Management System

Public Debt Management System is an application solution for the recording of all public debt elements through generating, managing and servicing repayment plans of current and future borrowings. In addition, the system enables reporting of the public debt balance, public debt accounting, financial reporting and debt analysis, and the impact of financial risks.


Investments, their planning and monitoring are an important segment of business operations in many companies. The eInvestments application, based on eDocumentus application covers all aspects of the operation of investment companies.

eInvestments allows investment planning through creating and generating of multiple versions of the investment plan, their alteration and alignment at the level of item groups and subgroups, as well as items themselves, up to the approval and adoption of the final plan. Groups and subgroups of items are defined in accordance with the needs of each individual client.


This application allows you to enter or download data about court cases, their tracking through all the stages they pass. It also enables searches and reporting, generating and tracing of the time schedules, as well as the work with necessary codebooks.


The applications related to general affairs include a range of business activities such as downloading and distributing of incoming mail, general processing of internal and external files, as well as records of donors’ and other contracts.

The basis of the system is eDocumentus – an integrated system for document and business processes management. The application represents its upgrade and extensions that allow the work with documents, as well as with all of the relational data in a simple user environment.