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Streamline and automate digital banking operations for various finance, risk, and compliance systems to reduce cost and complexity, while driving sales of innovative products and services.
Implement integration and end user-centric solutions to improve government services and streamline internal processes through robust software, enterprise mobility and analytics.
Provide oil and gas enterprises with best practices to help improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of their critical assets.
Handle the end-to-end process of energy generation, transmission, distribution, and retail by digitizing energy management systems to meet changing regulatory, environmental, operational, customer, and technological needs.

eDOCUMENTUS solutions

Document Management System eDocumentus

eDocumentus is an application system designed for users who handle a huge amount of documents. It is designed to facilitate business activities to all those who need to create, organize, distribute and have an insight into a large amount of business documents on a daily basis. This system also enables the management of business processes that make up the “life cycle” of a document: from it’s creating to archiving in electronic form. Some of the important eDocumentus functionalities include document identification and classification, recording, reviewing, tracking changes, versioning and managing business processes. One of the key features of the eDocumentus application is that it is possible to integrate it with other systems so that the user working in its own system is actually working in eDocumentus.

eDocumentus is a modular enterprise system that, in addition to its basic functionalities, provides certain advanced functions to its users with the assistance of software tools. Software eDocumentus tools are commercial applications that are licensed as eDocumentus add-ons, namely require eDocumentus platform for their work. 



eRegistry is a web application designed for office operations management. It provides for documentation and archival documentation management according to the rules of office operations and legal regulations. ePisarnica allows you to obtain standard office reports – business records, receipt books, accounts records, dispatch book keeping, etc. as well as the work with sign-out sheets, book of records, list of acts documents, etc.

Electronic documents are stored in the document management system, which enables fast, simple and effective search and review of the existing electronic documents. Aiming at ensuring information security, the ePisarnica module allows the defining of different levels of access depending on the organizational structure and user’s function, and, if necessary, the encryption of the documents content.

eArchive – document scanning client

eArchive is an application for bulk scanning, documents indexing and their entering/importing into the system. The application can also be used only as an application for classification, indexing and entering/importing of documents into the system, while scanning can be separately done using any scanning programme.

eArchive is characterized by simple, transparent and easy-to-use user interface that, imposes an intuitive way of using the application or at least application’s basic functionalities with unavoidable multilingual support.


eDoc Process Editor is a graphical tool that creates the definitions of the processes in a simple and intuitive way and makes it ready and adjusted for the execution within eDocumentus environment.

eDocumentus addOn for Microsoft Outlook

eDocumentus addOn for Microsoft Outlook allows the work with eDocumentus documents and tasks using Microsoft Outlook. By installing the add-on, Outlook becomes a user interface for work with documents, where synchronization, reading, modification, and user interface for viewing of the assigned assignments are enabled.


eProcurement software package includes a complete range of business activities that involve public and non-public procurement processes, as well as other processes that precede or follow the procurement process.

The basis of the system is eDocumentus – an integrated system for document and business processes management. eProcurement software package includes an entire procurement cycle of an enterprise that starts from the development and adoption of a procurement plan, processing of requests for procurement, procurement procedure, collecting and evaluation of bids, selection of the most favourable bid, contracting, procurement tracking procurement implementation monitoring and procurement planning and procurement reporting.