Financial Industry


One of the aims of the business processes implementation in the banking sector is about to the loan processing procedures and web application development for the credit application processing system, and automation of the loan approval process – from recieving clients’ requests to the final decision or approval making.

References: Development Bank of Vojvodina, Piraeus Bank, Vojvođanska banka


We have developed a complete software environment for insurance companies including: life insurance, non-life insurance (fires, burglaries, theft, robbery, property, business, health, accident and travel insurance), agriculture (cattle breeding and crops), liability insurance, motor vehicles (AO and Casco Insurance) and transport (freight and river, Casco) as products.

Solutions for brokerage houses are also developed, including online calculation and comparison of insurance premiums.

We offer solutions that enable insurance companies to manage their documentation and processes related to the creation, organization, distribution and viewing of documents within existing business processes.

Prozone has designed and implemented an information system that supports and improves all the activities of an insurance broker, and the implementation of this system enables:

  • Policing management
  • Assistance while collecting insurance premiums
  • Quick and easy access and management of documents
  • Compliance of the business processes with existing legislation
  • Security mechanisms and safety standards, etc.

With an intuitive and advanced user interface, this system has made it possible to reduce operating costs and risks.

References: DDOR, Raiffeisen Bank

Oil & Gas

PROZONE provides asset management and business solutions
based on IBM Maximo software products. Our industrial solutions help companies
manage production equipment and machines, facilities, transportation and IT
equipment on a comprehensive platform.  

IBM Maximo is designed for companies that operate in the oil and gas industry to help them improve the productivity and effectiveness of their assets.

  •      Property management with a unique approach
  •      Individual management with assets and their life cycle including procurement, inventory management, job management, and preventive maintenance.
  •      Addressing specific needs in the oil and gas industry such as codebook of breakdowns, property specification, location details, regulations, working conditions, work permits, etc.

References: NIS AD NOVI SAD, Kuwait Oil Company, KNPC

Utilities & Public

In companies that operate in the field of utility services and electricity, there is a large number of business processes that run on a daily basis, resulting in end-user services. By introducing PROZONE software solutions which is easily integrated into existing IT systems, public organizations can improve their business processes: from planning, projecting, implementation to active usage. Automation of business processes that are related to the public procurement, monitoring of investments, storage, and for legal affairs along with issuing consent for electricity to legal entities and individuals, enables the organization to transfer from paper documents to documents in electronic form.

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In state organizations every day a large number of business
processes are carried out, aimed at providing services to citizens, other
organizations or business systems. Prozone solutions help state organizations
to improve the delivery of their services to citizens, businesses and other
state institutions, reducing the time needed to process requests and to keep
pace with the standards of modern administration.

References: Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Municipality of Leskovac, Municipality of Pancevo, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia, Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Agency for Fight against Corruption of the Republic of Serbia. Agency for the Prevention of Corruption of Montenegro, City of Novi Sad, Kuwait National Guard

Steel Industry

Steel industry is no longer doing business in an old-fashioned way, as it used to. These are modern companies that operate on highly specialized computer processes using automated equipment that help them maintain a high level of efficiency. Such a complex business requires software products specialized for large systems. Prozone developed two solutions that adapted to the needs of the steel mill in North America. The first solution is for communication and assignment of tasks between the contracting authority and the contractor, and the second solution follows the procurement cycle and monitors the communication between the petitioner and the supplier. These solutions are intended for companies that have multiple contractors and want to communicate with them through a single platform, as well as companies that cooperate on a daily basis with a growing number of suppliers and want to implement this process in a unified way through a single platform.

References: North Star BlueScope Steel, USA

Other industries

Prozone’s experienced in many other industries. Some of them are:

  • Food industry – milk and dairy products- The Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company, Kuwait
  • Pharmaceutical industry – Gulfdrug, UAE
  • Weapons and Military Equipment Industry – Yugoimport SDPR JP, Serbia
  • Health – Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases of Vojvodina