What is IBM Maximo?

IBM Maximo is a platform for asset management that combines enterprise asset management with maintenance management.

What does IBM Maximo do?

This software covers the entire maintenance process from procurement of spare parts, subcontracting services, warehouses to fault reporting, and manufacturing orders.

By using a single system, companies are able to monitor and manage the whole asset life-cycle including communications, manufacturing, hardware, facilities, software, transportation and more. This centralized functionality enables users to have control and visibility over the state of assets and processes, and to minimize downtime in production.

IBM Maximo includes a complete suite of tools, inventory management, preventive and predictive maintenance, manufacturing order management, and analytical reporting. It can be applied in the cloud or right on sight, and it can be accessed from almost any device.

Which modules comprise IBM Maximo?

IBM Maximo Asset Management is comprised of six integrated management modules:

  • Asset management – this module controls and monitors information about assets through their whole life cycle including location, changes, expenses, etc.
  • Work management – it manages maintenance activities, from the initial request and creation of the manufacturing order to the records of completed work;
  • Service management – it receives the service requests, monitors, updates, and prioritizes;
  • Contract management – it keeps records of all types of contracts: procurement, lease, rent, warranty, labor prices…
  • Materials management – it enables precise tracking of all materials and spare parts and their use. It reduces inventory and eliminates unnecessary purchases;
  • Procurement management – it plans procurement, simplifies and controls the process of purchase, keeps records of preferential price purchase contracts, analyzes the offers and quality of suppliers… Prozone has developed an eCommerce add-on that integrates with this module and links the suppliers’ websites so that there is a possibility of procurement directly from Maximo.

IBM Maximo solution

What are the benefits of using the IBM Maximo software?

By using this solution, you are optimizing the utilization of equipment and prolonging its life cycle, increasing the level of operability of equipment and maintenance quality. Consequently, downtime is reduced. The average time between each downtime increases. This increases the reliability parameters and increases the profit.

Processes are simplified, and the efficiency of the entire system is increased. It provides reliability and optimizes asset performance, and ROI is maximized.

What services does Prozone provide when it comes to IBM Maximo?

IBM Maximo Implementation

Certified Prozone developers implement the IBM Maximo software that successfully integrates with the existing ERP solutions such as SAP or Oracle.

IBM Maximo Upgrade

Prozone engineers monitor the current versions of the IBM software and suggest a time when you should upgrade to the new version.

IBM Maximo Support

Our certified team is your first line of support. They solve all ongoing problems. If errors occur that are beyond our capabilities, we contact IBM Support on behalf of the client.

IBM Maximo Customization & Configuration

The client defines their specific requirements. Based on those requirements, we adapt our solution or create new apps based on specific business processes that already exist within the client’s company.

IBM Maximo Software Licenses

We offer access to the best discounts and offers for licensing and renewal through our long-standing cooperation with IBM and all benefits that we achieve through our partnership level.

IBM Maximo Training

As the project is nearing production, it is essential that all end users are trained to use the new system. We train people who will then pass on their knowledge to their co-workers who will use Maximo.

To whom have we implemented Maximo so far?

Country – Serbia
Industry – the Oil Industry

  • NIS – Oil Refinery Pančevo
  • NIS – Research and Development

NIS gazprom neft logo

Country – Kuwait
Industry – the Oil Industry

  • Petrochemical Industries Company KSC
  • Kuwait Oil Company
  • Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Industry – Energy and Utility Services

  • Alghanim International General Trading & Contracting
  • Operators Lebanon, Facility Management

Industry – Manufacturing

  • The Kuwait Danish Dairy Company

Industry – Public Sector

  • Kuwait National Assembly

Projects we have taken part in with partners

Country – Great Britain
Industry – Travel, and Transportation

Industry – Utility Services

  • SGN (Scotia Gas Network), UK
  • Affinity Water, UK

IBM Maximo eCommerce add-on

Development of portals, customization, implementation:

Country – USA

Industry – Manufacturing


Industry – energy and utility services


Industry – Travel, and Transportation

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