IBM Solutions

Financial and banking
Energy and Utilities
Streamline and automate digital banking operations for various finance, risk, and compliance systems to reduce cost and complexity, while driving sales of innovative products and services.
Implement integration and end user-centric solutions to improve government services and streamline internal processes through robust software, enterprise mobility and analytics.
Provide oil and gas enterprises with best practices to help improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of their critical assets.
Handle the end-to-end process of energy generation, transmission, distribution, and retail by digitizing energy management systems to meet changing regulatory, environmental, operational, customer, and technological needs.

Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

The Maximo Enterprise Asset Management – EAM solution takes the power, performance and possibilities of enterprise asset management to an entirely new level. Built on a single software platform, Maximo Asset Management delivers a comprehensive view of all asset types – production, facilities, transportation and IT -across your enterprise. Implementing an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution involves much more than identifying the product and installing software, loading a database, and user training. Advanced EAM systems are integrated into a business and configured to match specific maintenance management requirements, whilst data is often shared and integrates with other enterprise systems. Current processes may be re-engineered to reflect best practice, and legacy applications and hardware have to be considered.

Prozone’s implementation Services provide its customers the highest level of technical knowledge, industry expertise, tools, and training. Our professionals have in-depth, working knowledge of Asset Management and understand fully the challenges and solutions for a successful implementation.

Prozone provides a wide range of services for EAM:

  • Impact analysis of Maximo implementations/upgrades
  • Technical consultancy – deployment options, hardware sizing, security, etc…
  • Business consultancy
  • Integration with other platforms using Maximo Integration Framework (Oracle Primavera, Oracle EBS, SAP, SCADA systems)
  • Maximo configuration/customizations
  • Maximo workflows development
  • Maximo Mobile solutions
  • Reports development in BIRT/Cognos
  • Data migration
  • Performance testing, Support & Training
  • Custom development using Maximo Integration Framework (eBusiness Portal, HRMS).

Prozone provides a full end-to-end implementation for its customers, helping them to maximize the performance and lifetime value of complex assets and closely align them with their overall business strategy.

ECM and BPM Solutions

For companies that operate with a large number of changeable business processes and for software companies that have a need to improve managing of business processes in their own software solutions, PROZONE solutions provide high efficiency, better process control and higher flexibility with fewer costs of software services.

PROZONE solutions enable organizations improve customer services and improve their own business processes. Focusing on business processes leads to their streamlining and simplification:

eGovernment solutions

  • Document flow and business process implementation for government organizations
  • Case management systems for government organizations
  • Portal solutions

Banking and insurance solutions

  • Collaborate across organizational units to manage the entire customer lifecycle
  • Loan origination processes
  • Insurance core system
  • Insurance broker solution

Solutions for utilities companies

  • Process of the application of electricity services
  • Investment management
  • Supply chain management

Prozone ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) solutions are developed using IBM FileNet, eDocumentus and IBM BPM as a base software platform.

Integration Bus

Businesses are under a number of influences that are driving their digital transformation initiatives such as moving to cloud, upgrading servers, mobile initiatives, using real-time data, connecting with partners and improving customer experience and so on. Being able to leverage existing systems/investments plays a critical role in speeding up the rate of digital transformation. APIs are at the heart of this. They increase agility and empower business teams to self-serve IT, helping business and IT teams to work more effectively together. Integration connects legacy systems that are critical to the successful running of the business to digital initiatives that drive business growth and innovation.

Enterprises consist of many endpoints, such as on-premise systems, cloud and mobile applications, Internet of Things, and big data. Businesses work better if these endpoints are securely connected. IBM Integration Bus delivers a platform for integration and enables you to innovate faster to take advantage of changing customer needs and market trends.

Integration Bus provides the tools enterprises need for connecting applications, building Microservices and exposing and managing APIs. It enables you to reach new markets, rapidly take advantage of new business opportunities, and improve communications within your partner ecosystem. With this offering, you can influence existing investments by continuing to provide reliable, secure, and scalable enterprise integration while modernizing IT infrastructure to support digital transformation.

This offering combines already established IBM software and provides the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Securely integrate on-premise and cloud applications, enabling you to optimize resources and productivity.
  • Use the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architectural pattern to eliminate costly point-to-point connections, which are expensive to maintain and resistant to change.
  • Simply and quickly build new APIs by using integration technology.
  • Rapidly design APIs with essential security policies and share APIs across organizational boundaries and environments, while providing deep insight into API usage
  • Accelerate your integration creation and management through the use of premade patterns, rich connectors, and easy-to-use tools.
  • Improve visibility of your business data, events, and messages flowing through the integration layer. This results in a more agile response to the changing needs of your business and smarter business decisions.
  • Leverage the synergy between IBM and other Mobile, API Management, Analytics, Business Rules solutions, and many more

Business Intelligence (BI)

Cognos Analytics enhances the efficiency and capabilities of business users, report authors and administrators alike through a simplification of, and the graduated nature of its user experience. The solution offers more capabilities by allowing users to reduce or eliminate IT intervention for many previous tasks. This gives users more self-service options and ultimately advances the analytic expertise of the enterprise. In the past, users might have utilized a range of different tools to accomplish similar goals. They can now capture insights more efficiently through a guided experience that interprets their intent and supports them with a suggested path, leading where they want to go.

Prozone can help you do the following:

  • Improve the spectrum and confidence of reporting while using trusted and curated data from existing sources.
  • Reuse content from others and share personal insights at the scale-of-the-business without time-consuming migration.
  • Use hybrid cloud capabilities by working from on-premises and cloud deployments while accessing dozens of data sources (on-premises and cloud-based).

Prozone has extensive experience in implementing BI solutions either as stand-alone packages or as a part of a solution (example – in conjunction with an Asset Management system). Our team of professionals has worked with customers across various market segments.

Control Desk Solutions

IBM Control Desk is an integrated service management solution that helps you manage a comprehensive range of IT processes, services, and assets. The product leverages best-practice Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-aligned processes to help you manage an IT landscape that is becoming more complex, virtualized, distributed, social, and diverse. As part of IBM’s Smarter Infrastructure initiative, IBM Control Desk helps you to optimize the performance of your infrastructure and workforce, in alignment with your overall business objectives. You get the control to maintain configuration integrity in response to planned changes and unplanned incidents and problems occurring across this complex IT landscape, ensuring continuity of service, speed of response, and efficiency of management. The product features innovative, industry-leading functionality in many areas, including:

  • A simple, easy-to-use service catalog and self-service interface
  • Tools for easily reporting problems and requesting services
  • Applications that enable IT staff to be productive and responsive in prioritizing, tracking, and resolving end-user issues
  • ITIL-aligned change, configuration, release, incident, problem, and asset management
  • Policy-based automation of job plans, task assignments, notifications, and workflows to reduce labor costs
  • Integrated service, asset, and configuration management
  • Built-in integrations with IBM and third-party applications
  • Advanced reports and analytics tools that provide insight into your environment and help you manage change more efficiently.

Endpoint Management

The convergence of IT functions that has occurred in recent years—operations groups, for example, taking ever-greater responsibility for security—requires a corresponding convergence of management tools. Without unified, simplified and streamlined capabilities, management tasks in the distributed enterprise run the risk of becoming overwhelming in size and complexity. IBM BigFix Lifecycle Management delivers the comprehensive and powerful approach that IT management needs today.

In most distributed environments, numbers of endpoints and network complexity are on the rise, while visibility and control of endpoints are poor and service levels are a challenge to maintain. The quantity and variety of management tools steadily increase, while IT budgets and staff levels remain stagnant or reduced.

IBM BigFix Lifecycle

IBM BigFix Lifecycle Management can help organizations meet these challenges. Its centralized capabilities help you setup, see and update systems as well as remediate issues with continuous, pervasive configuration management. The result? High levels of automation combined with fine-grained accuracy enable IT departments to maintain service levels and focus on critical issues. Software deployments and updates are faster. The clutter and expense of multi-vendor tool sets are reduced. The risk of error is decreased. Processes are optimized and overall operating efficiency is enhanced. These improvements are achieved through IBM BigFix Lifecycle Management’s abilities to consolidate and simplify key management services enterprise-wide by:

  • Providing a single console that can reach endpoints regardless of location, connection type or status.
  • Delivering real-time visibility into all endpoints including desktops, laptops, servers, point-of-sale systems, ATMs and self-service kiosks.
  • Scaling to hundreds of thousands of endpoints from a single management server.
  • Managing heterogeneous platforms—Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®, Linux® and Mac operating systems running on physical or virtual machines.
  • Managing mobile computers whether connected to the network or not.

IBM BigFix Lifecycle Management includes the following key functions—and gives you the ability to easily add other targeted functions as needed, without adding infrastructure or implementation costs.

  • Patch Management
  • Asset Discovery and Inventory
  • Software Distribution
  • Remote Control
  • OS Deployment

IBM BigFix Protection

IBM BigFix Protection delivers real-time protection from malware and other malicious threats IBM BigFix Protection manages both technology and business risk. It protects physical and virtual endpoints from damage caused by malware and other vulnerabilities and reduces the business disruptions that can result from attacks on endpoints.

  • Protect physical and virtual endpoints from damage caused by viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, rootkits, web threats and their new variants
  • Cross-reference threat information with a large, cloud-based database created by Trend Micro and continuously updated via Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network™
  • Deliver increased protection through policy enforcement to ensure that antivirus services are always installed, running and up to date
  • Automatically clean endpoints of malware, including processes and registry entries that are hidden or locked
  • Speed on-demand scanning and system start-up times through significant performance improvements
  • Provide security for both fixed, network-connected endpoints and roaming, Internet-connected endpoints
  • Centralize the management of functions that provide advanced antivirus and firewall protection
  • Employ a unified management infrastructure to coordinate among IT, security, desktop and server operations

Data Loss Prevention

The optional Data Protection Add-on for IBM BigFix Protection V8.2 can be deployed and managed through the IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager infrastructure. The module helps improve data protection capabilities while helping control operational costs.

The Data Protection Add-on for IBM BigFix Protection offers a robust data loss prevention and device control solution that integrates into the antivirus and antimalware capabilities provided by the core protection infrastructure and can:

  • Create and apply policies that limit or prevent the transmission of digital assets through common transmission channels, such as email, to help secure data (sensitive or not) on devices that leave the business premises
  • Create and apply device control policies to regulate access to external storage devices and network resources connected to computers to help prevent data loss which, combined with file scanning, helps guard against security risks

Leverage predefined templates to identify, monitor, and optionally block the transmission of sensitive data such as credit card numbers

Integrated Workplace Management System

Facilities and other physical assets can account for some of an organization’s largest expenses and most complex management tasks. So to get a handle on costs and to help ensure related operations run more smoothly, many organizations are implementing integrated workplace management systems. These solutions address a wide range of management needs, from real estate issues such as site selection or lease accounting, to facilities issues such as space allocation and workplace reservation management, to environmental sustainability issues such as energy consumption and disclosure of the organization’s carbon footprint.

IBM’s solution for workplace data integration is IBM® TRIRIGA®. IBM TRIRIGA delivers an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that integrates functional models across real estate, capital projects, facilities space management, facility maintenance, and environmental and energy management within a single technology platform. This brochure explains how IBM TRIRIGA increases visibility, control and automation within each of these five areas.

Leverage predefined templates to identify, monitor, and optionally block the transmission of sensitive data such as credit card numbers

Mobile Security

When you have a smartphone or mobile device, the world is at your fingertips. Every day, there are new possibilities for mobile entertainment, shopping, banking, connecting socially and getting work done. But the speed at which mobile technology is changing has created dangerous gaps in security, and cybercriminals have taken notice.

At the same time, addressing the increasing number and sophistication of cyber threats is more challenging than ever. In today’s mobile enterprise, the lines are blurred between personal and corporate assets, and IT organizations have to do much more than simply protect a corporate-owned device. In fact, the protection of personal data, ranging from electronic health information to financial records, is often mandated by evolving government regulations worldwide.

To meet these challenges, IBM has developed a comprehensive portfolio of mobile security solutions that address four key mobile security challenges: protecting devices, securing content and collaboration, safeguarding applications and data, and managing access and fraud. The portfolio also includes a layer of security intelligence for advanced threat detection. IBM Security solutions emphasize an intelligent, integrated and innovative approach that can help your organization stay ahead of emerging threats, manage operational risks and lower the cost of maintaining a strong security posture.

  • Unlock the potential of enterprise mobility by addressing the full spectrum of mobile risks
  • Secure the device, protect critical content and applications, and enable safe mobile transactions
  • Extend mobile security beyond just your employees to enable trusted transactions with your customers and partners
  • Deliver confidence that the mobile environment is secure and data is safe with an intelligent, integrated and comprehensive approach to mobile security