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DMS Dipos software development and implementation

The software which we have developed and implemented is the System for managing documents and business processes – DMS DIPOS.

Prozone IT Solutions

SAPA – standardized application for prisons

Recently, software for logging prisoners was introduced to all prisons in Serbia. This software was developed by Prozone.

Prozone IT Solutions

6 Tips To Make Maximo Implementation Streamlined

To get the most out of the features that IBM Maximo offers, companies should ensure a detailed IBM Maximo implementation plan.

Work from Home – Pros and Cons

We have asked colleagues how they feel about work and the organisation of life and workspace as the consequence of a new situation concerning Corona virus.

We have tried to include different groups of employees: newly employed people whose job with us is their first job. We have surveyed some of the colleagues, who are parents, then some other colleagues who work exclusively from home, as well as colleagues who work exclusively in the office.

Some have become completely accustomed to working from home while some have categorically claimed that they will never get used to such a way of work.

When they think of their work in the office, they have said that they miss the most: people, lunch (which is an important part of our daily routine in the company 🙂 ). The female part of the staff really misses make-up and dressing up, while some colleagues miss socialising, chatting in corridors and some of their female colleagues 🙂

Pros for the work from home are…

As pros for the work from home, they have said that they have more time for self-organisation, they are able to sleep longer because they do not need extra time for going to work. Many of them have mentioned as the benefit for the work from home that they eat healthier food, that they make their own meals and that they do not order food, as well as the fact that they can turn on the washing machine during the break! 🙂

Cons for the work from home are

Some of the cons of the work from home are that social contacts are omitted and the sense of belonging to the team is lost. There is not enough room in the flat to be isolated during the work and the children are always around them, while some of them have mostly lacked a comfortable chair, a scanner and a printer… Colleagues who work exclusively from home have organised the work space in different ways, mostly various improvisations are in question: from an armchair and terraces to the movement from one room to another, while the workday has mostly finished in a lying position with a laptop in the lap. When they are in the office, they say that “they can solve a lot of things with a glance  …”

What do family members say?

The family members have had mood swings relevant to this topic. The older ones have been mostly full of understanding for the new situation. Dogs and other pets have provided and continued to provide maximum support, while with children, the situation is always uncertain. They can surprise and be completely calm, while other colleagues say that they are “still alive” and while this is the case, everything is fine! 🙂

And what about those who work in the office all the time?

Since the majority of employees work from home, the colleagues who work in the office say that what has changed the most is that there is no such dynamics and action, which is typical for a work day in Prozone  and they say  that the company is deserted  but there is something that they have mentioned  as a great advantage and we specify  this answer in full:

 “The toilet is more often unoccupied”!  🙂 


All in all …

Work from home has not negatively affected the productivity of our employees. They emphasise that the productivity has been increased because they have more peace, more time and silence.

Colleagues who work in the office are much more satisfied when at least part of the team is next to them because the communication is easier and nicer then, while those who work from home find it most difficult without the team as with the team the work day can pass faster and nicer.

Based on the answers we have received in our small survey, we can only conclude that opinions are divided, but that the majority of colleagues still want to return to the offices. For that reason, we hope that very soon we are going to return to normal functioning and teamwork and in the team spirit, which is for the majority of our employees one of the basic motives for the work in our company.