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How Can an eCommerce Add-On For IBM Maximo Help Your Business?

In the post-Covid era, companies across industries will bear witness to K-shaped recovery. Your next steps will determine whether your business will be rising towards success or struggle to survive on the market.  The eCommerce industry has especially faced its fair share of challenges during the pandemic. The abruptness of the global crisis left little […]


Is IBM Maximo the Right EAM Software for You?

Across B2B and B2C industries, companies rely on a multitude of physical assets working impeccably at every moment in order to ensure maximum efficiency and quality of work processes. With IoT devices becoming integral elements for businesses performing everyday tasks, management and monitoring of assets prove crucial for staying operational and optimized.   That’s where […]


Have you heard of Pomodoro that has to do with time, rather than tomato?

It certainly often happens to you to come to work and while drinking your morning coffee start elaborating a “to do” list that stretches from one page of the planner to the second and even the third one, is it not so?  You do not even manage to write down all the assignments ahead of […]

Presentation of Prozone’s software at the International Energy and Investment Days

Stevo Milošević, Business analyst from Prozone, led a thematic segment about ELEE software for automatic categorization of objects using reference data for energetic efficiency and conducting an energy audit.

Presentation was held as a part of the Ceremonial Plenary session “Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources within development and investments” which took part in the Grand hall of the Congress centre “Master”. This was the presentation about the project which Prozone implemented in 2015 in the AP Vojvodina.

Central European Development Forum – CEDEF and Novi Sad Fair with the Provincial Secretariat for Energy and Mineral Resources of the AP Vojvodina were the official organizers of International Energy and Investment Days.