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What are the roles of a Business Analyst and a Software Developer in Prozone?

We spoke with Nataša, a Business Analyst, and Branislav, a Software Developer who work together on the project across a number of departments of our long-time client, an oil company. We were eager to learn about the projects they are working on and the status of their collaboration.

Prozone IT Solutions

Our first 20 years – beginning, ups, and downs of Prozone

Patience, persistence, and hard work are the way to success. This year, we are celebrating our 20th birthday, and we are a hundred percent sure that this is what has led to a stable company that helps a number of industries make their jobs easier and more efficient. A journey of thousand miles is behind […]

Prozone IT Solutions

Why Custom Software is the Right Choice for You

The advantage of custom software is that you have a team that can understand all of your requests at any moment and make them happen.

How Can an eCommerce Add-On For IBM Maximo Help Your Business?

In the post-Covid era, companies across industries will bear witness to K-shaped recovery. Your next steps will determine whether your business will be rising towards success or struggle to survive on the market. 

The eCommerce industry has especially faced its fair share of challenges during the pandemic. The abruptness of the global crisis left little time for these businesses to plan an adequate response, yet many of them successfully transferred into the digital landscape.

However, your business’ future shouldn’t be left to chance, as the next crisis – health, financial, or any other – might prove fatal. To suitably prepare your business for everything that the future holds, you will have to optimize, streamline, and centralize different aspects of your day-to-day processes. 

Manage your external suppliers, simplify purchasing, enhance e-commerce functionalities and do much more for the success of your business with the IBM Maximo eCommerce add-on.


What is IBM Maximo?

IBM Maximo is the leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software that employs advanced analytics tools and IoT data designed to assist companies in improved asset management. This feature-packed software provides an abundance of options for managing buildings, vehicles, equipment recording, maintenance schedules, workflow participation, asset performance monitoring, and risk reduction. 

Maximo enables businesses to operate high-value assets transparently, improve operational excellence, extend asset life cycle, and reduce operational downtime and costs. 

In the domain of consumer goods, IBM Maximo strives to enable functionality, flexibility, and innovation, simultaneously assisting you in offering an exceptional customer experience and a safer workplace. Maximo, combined with its industry-specific add-ons, helps introduce agility and automation into eCommerce, thus minimizing the complexity of your processes.


eCommerce Add-On For IBM Maximo

As IBM Gold Business Partner, we have had the opportunity to work with the Maximo EAM software, and witness its growth over the years. Thus, it only came natural that Prozone, as a software development company, makes its contribution to the Maximo platform. 

That’s how the eCommerce add-on for IBM Maximo came about. We developed a customized add-on that allows users to effortlessly collaborate online with external suppliers, streamline acquiring process, and overall upgrade their e-commerce functionalities. 

Maximo, as a system, is closed within the network companies, and is accessible only to users who have a license.

IBM offers this module:

Maximo application purchase/collection module –

An e-commerce add-on can be provided for each of these applications.


Maximo and eCommerce

eCommerce is an add-on component of Maximo, located within the platform and enabling the Client, i.e., the company that owns Maximo to go directly to the supplier’s site – i.e. websites of companies that have signed contracts with a company that has Maximo, i.e., with the Client. 

The eCommerce add-on is independent of where it will be located. It can connect to any Maximo application. The customer chooses which Maximo application the add-on will be located in.

Maximo, together with its eCommerce add-on, simplifies the procurement process and facilitates it in companies that have a large number of suppliers where the procurement service would have to send a huge number of emails, make numerous phone calls, compare prices, etc. Thus, the Client visits the supplier’s portal via Maximo, makes a purchase electronically and all data are entered into Maximo.


How Our eCommerce Add-On For Maximo Works?

Our eCommerce add-on is an extension for Maximo itself and can be used within the software to connect it with a Web Market (such as Vroozi or BuyerQuest), or a specific store (e.g. Grainger).  

The add-on allows purchases to be made directly from Maximo, as the cart is transferred to Maximo where it is stored. 

Maximo enables users to directly access the online marketplace and search for items from integrated suppliers. 

Upon choosing the goods, Maximo’s purchase request is populated. Once the checkout is complete, the cart is stored in Maximo with detailed information on the order and is forwarded for approval by the relevant parties. 

After approval, a purchase order is generated and is sent through Maximo. Upon completed payment, the goods arrive at the specified address, with the purchase cycle completing with items being brought back to Maximo.


What’s The Advantage of Our eCommerce Add-On?

Compared to the classic procurement process, our add-on provides benefits of the absence of communication via phone or e-mail, with the paper catalog used as a database. With Maximo, the entire purchasing process is backed with data, and transparent for both parties.

The eCommerce add-on for Maximo simplifies and speeds up the procurement process.


Why Choose Maximo for eCommerce

Maximo is a robust asset management software utilized across industries that provides helpful and effective tools to its users. Combined with a powerful, custom-developed add-on, your eCommerce business will become more streamlined, optimized, and centralized. 

Our eCommerce add-on is specifically designed to assist procurement processes, provide a transparent and streamlined purchase journey, and ease the experience for both buyer and seller.