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Is IBM Maximo the Right EAM Software for You?

Across B2B and B2C industries, companies rely on a multitude of physical assets working impeccably at every moment in order to ensure maximum efficiency and quality of work processes. With IoT devices becoming integral elements for businesses performing everyday tasks, management and monitoring of assets prove crucial for staying operational and optimized.   That’s where […]


Have you heard of Pomodoro that has to do with time, rather than tomato?

It certainly often happens to you to come to work and while drinking your morning coffee start elaborating a “to do” list that stretches from one page of the planner to the second and even the third one, is it not so?  You do not even manage to write down all the assignments ahead of […]


IBM Maximo: The Best EAM Software for Oil & Gas Industry

As the world experiences rapid technological advancements, the need for reliable, economical, and accessible goods is on the incessant rise. The situation is no different in the oil and gas industry, with the global oil consumption nearly doubled in 2019, compared to 1970, and the continual growth of oil demand over the years. Lower oil […]

We celebrated 16th company anniversary

On Friday, November 23th, our company celebrated 16th anniversary at the Golf City Center in SPENS. For positive energy and good time we can thank Viktorija band. The peak of the night were the „Best colleagues“ award announcements. Employees were nominated in 17 categories, and each winner received a certificate and a special present that’s in the context of the category they won,  „The Fashionista“, „The Clumsiest colleague“, „The Cheerful colleague“ and many more.
Attendants had the opportunity to get a short training from the instructor on the mini golf course placed in front of the club.