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Have you heard of Pomodoro that has to do with time, rather than tomato?

It certainly often happens to you to come to work and while drinking your morning coffee start elaborating a “to do” list that stretches from one page of the planner to the second and even the third one, is it not so?  You do not even manage to write down all the assignments ahead of you without being interrupted by at least five Skype messages, four phone calls, three meetings and two new e-mails with requests for something to be done immediately. And then, after a couple of hours, you come back to your list and the first assignment on top of it. Thus, you spend more energy struggling with interruptions, distracters and relevant and irrelevant activities. The work transforms into a true battle. You take up on yourself the role of a knight with a sword in his hands who pushes through the jungle and makes his way to the first assignment. Once you get there, you continue with the battle for your life, until you complete the assignment without the unplanned assignments sticking onto your back like leeches. And so it continues all day long until five in the afternoon, and often even longer.

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Luckily, there is a technique that can clear your path through this jungle towards a sun bathed savannah. It is the so-called Pomodoro technique. Google or Apple store is filled with loads of free applications that function according to this principle. The instructions are very simple. You can download the application, or do without it – you need to set your timer to 25 and work on just one assignment, until the alarm sounds. After that, you take a five minutes break. Once your break is up, the new 25 minutes cycle starts. The following 25 minutes are reserved for only one assignment. You do not allow anything to distract you. You wait until the alarm sounds and the moment you allow yourself to concentrate on something else. This is an excellent technique that helps you stay focussed, complete the assignments, be aware of the things you have done during the day and leaves you with the feeling that you used up your time in a useful manner. The special benefit comes from the impression that you are in control of time, rather than other way around.


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They say that Pomodoro has truly helped a great deal of people. For starters it helps with avoiding the habit of reading the mails when they should not be read, as well as answering to Viber messages, talking on the phone, switching from one assignment to another, etc. The legend says that there are those who have reached the level of Pomodoro master – they do not raise their head even when somebody comes to their office until they hear the sound of the alarm 🙂


If you are planning to become more productive regardless of Pomodoro, as well as to better organize your work, simplify and accelerate business processes, take a look at all products and services offered by our company that have to do with the above-mentioned improvements and better organization of work and time.