There is a large number of business processes that run in utilities companies on a daily basis resulting in the services provided to clients. Through introduction of software solutions by Prozone Company, which easily integrate into the existing IT system, public companies can improve their business processes – from planning, design, implementation to their application and similar.

Automation of business processes related to public procurement, monitoring of investments, storage/management of court/legal files or agreements, along with issuance of electric power consents to legal entities and individuals can be introduced through organization and transfer of paper documents into the electronic format.



eProcurement software package comprises the entire procurement cycle within a company, beginning with the design and adoption of the procurement plan, processing procurement orders, execution of procurement process, collection and assessment of bids, selection of the most suitable bid, contracting, monitoring of procurement implementation and procurement plan, and procurement reporting.


eInvestment management

Investments, their planning and monitoring represent an important segment in the business running of many companies. elinvestment application is based on eDocumetus, and it covers all aspects of activities in the companies that deal with investments.

elinvestments allow investment planning through creation and generation of several plan versions, their alteration and harmonization on the group and subgroup positions, as well as the positions themselves – all the way until approval and adoption of the final plan.

This system offers a great deal of convenience for the organization, management and employees:

  • Simple and transparent planning of resource distribution
  • Delegation regarding investment position monitoring, or a single phase monitoring
  • Planning of activities for a single position and monitoring of its development
  • Monitoring resource utilization on various levels (all investments, a group of positions subgroups)
  • Generation of the required requests/documents based on the forms
  • Organised allocation and storage of all documents related to an investment

Alarm time schedule which warns all activity participants on the activities they have to perform in the coming period, or notifies of the deadline expiry, or a complete utilisation of the allocated financial resources.