PROZONE software solutions for banking sector enables visual modeling of such processes allows easy and intuitive means for definition of participants in the process, actions that have to be executed by each of them, documents which will be exchanged or created in the process, forms that have to be filled in, as well as deadlines which have to be monitored and controlled. Such defined processes are easy to alter and adjust to the changes in business procedures.


Loans management system

Goal for the implementation of banking business processes related to loans processing is developing the application processing system for automation of the credit granting process starting from incoming request to the final decision in accordance.

A process which belongs to the group of processes related to the loans processing could be the following:

  • Cash and consumer loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Credit cards
  • Refinancing and restructuring loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Micro loans
  • Small Medium Enterprise (SME) loans.



Processes in insurance

Prozone has developed complete software environment of the insurance company including claims management application and policy provisioning systems for life, non-life (fire, burglary and robbery, households, business, health, accident and travel), agriculture (livestock and crops), liability, motor vehicles (MTPL and Casco) and transportation (cargo and river Casco) insurance products. Also, Prozone has developed insurance related solutions for broker companies including online premium calculation and comparison functionalities.

Prozone is offering solutions that can empower insurance companies to efficiently manage all documentation and all processes related to creating, organizing, distributing and reviewing documents within the existing business processes.