PROZONE workflow software solutions allow public organizations to increase efficiency, better control of processes and better flexible changes. Public organizations have  a possibility, by using Prozone’s workflow software solutions, to efficiently provide services to its customers and to optimize their own business processes through their partial or full automation and simplification.


Prozone’s software integrates easily with existing software, thus protecting user investment in software development. Integration into the portals is enabled with appropriate portlets,  making selected documents and processes available to end users and members of the public.

Prozone’s eGovernment workflow solutions are based on the ECM platform. Workflow solutions helps government organizations to improve their services to citizens, companies and other government institutions, reducing the time required for processing and improving the goals of modern government.


Our teams have implemented advanced G2C, G2B and G2G systems including:

  • Web portals
  • Case Management Systems
  • Implementation of workflows, records and document distribution
  • Data registry for public organizations