The eDocumentus workflow management system represents a unique solution for process management.

It is built to be compatible with the standards of open systems and the latest world trends in the area of workflow management. This system allows users to easily work together on activities that are linked in an efficient and flexible manner. The main characteristics of these systems are:

  • The automatic assignment of tasks to all users that belong to a certain user group/role, based on a model of the business process,
  • The easy automation of tasks that require multiple decisions whether they need to be performed in parallel or sequentially,
  • The easy automation of tasks that require an approval for certain actions (that is: the four eyes principle),
  • The efficient administration and monitoring of all business processes in the system which are still uncompleted, and monitoring of all stages of the given processes,
  • The complete and intuitive integration with the document management system,
  • A graphic editor is available for designing business processes where users can easily define their workflows and
  • The possibility of automated linking with data and procedures from external systems.

Processes that are created and executed in eDocumentus are mainly meant for document workflow; therefore all the operations are adapted to efficiently work with cases, documents and decisions that are requested. This means that all the operations within the life cycle of a document are available within this document management system.


Electronic forms that are automatically generated for all workflow tasks are organized intuitively containing all the necessary operations such as:

  • Document actions:
    - Overview, editing, adding and deleting of documents;
    - Creating versions and signing of documents.
  • Case actions:
    - Adding and removing sub-cases and documents to or from cases.
  • Actions of decision and selection:
    - User selection, user groups selection, choosing available documents or cases
    - Adding of decisions and remarks.
  • Actions with tables, lists and collections, triggering of notices and e-mail messages etc…

eDocumentus allows the examination of the current state of the process. One of the administrative functions of the application is monitoring that allows the supervision of all active processes within the system. It is very easy to pin-point at which stage and at which user and activity each process is at. Data related to processes that are already executed can be retrieved by searching the history of completed processes. Data about completed activities and the time of their execution are stored in a data base and can be retrieved and used through the administrative option of the application.