Optimized and automated business processes are prerequisite for the successful running of business’ for each company and organization, especially where human interaction is still unavoidable, this being the frequent source of errors where most bottlenecks are found. It is therefore very important to provide a productive working practice with a well-organized interface and easily accessible required functions.

eDocumentus My Task Area represents a central point for the interaction of users/persons with automated processes. All tasks of a user that are part of an automated (structured) or Ad Hoc (unstructured) business process are located in My Task Area, ready to be accepted or executed.

Processes that are modeled and executed in eDocumentus are primarily aimed at document flow, so the operations within one task are adjusted to effectively work with cases, documents and decisions requested by the participants, i.e. all operations that require document lifecycle and document management.

Unlike other solutions of a similar nature, process modeling in eDocumentus minimizes the time for creation of a user interface for tasks. This is achieved by setting predefined tasks based on which the contents, appearance, and behavior of the user interface are set up. Based on these definitions the Workflow Framework generates intuitive web forms that comply with the presentation layer of eDocumentus.

eDocumentus contains several predefined tasks related to the operations with folders, documents, cases and their attributes, tasks related to making decisions, selection and signing, as well as tasks related to operations with lists and collections. Advanced task options refer to the entry of deadlines, priorities and task descriptions, and they are defined by setting up additional activity attributes through the graphic interface.


Task outlines are intuitively organized, including all necessary operations such as:

  • document operations:
    - review changes, add and delete documents
    - review and update of information and document attributes
    - creation of versions and document signing.
  • case operations
    - addition and deletion of documents from cases
    - review and update of information and case attributes
  • decision and selection operations:
    - selection of users, user groups, documents or cases from available resources,
    - date entry by use of calendar
    - setting up decisions and remarks
  • operations with tables, lists and collections, initiation of notifications and email messages.

Task format also contains name, description and the deadline.


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