For companies that operate with large number of changeable business processes and for software companies that have a need to improve managing of the business processes in their own software solutions, PROZONE solutions provide high efficiency, better process control and higher flexibility with fewer costs of software services. PROZONE solutions enable organizations to improve customer services and improve their own business processes. Focusing on business processes leads to their streamlining and simplification.


ECM Technologies

Our highly skilled and experienced consultants implements complete en-to-end ECM solutions for our clients using standard ECM technologies:

    • Business Process & Workflow Management
    • Document Capture
    • Electronic Document Management
    • Electronic Document Signature
    • Collaboration
    • Web Content Management & Portals
    • Reporting & BI


ECM Products

Prozone ECM and BPM solutions are developed mostly using eDocumentus and EMC Documentum as a base software platform.

eDocumentus is an integrated software solution for electronic documents and business processes management. It enables organizations to improve customer services and improve their own business processes. eDocumentus platform enables easy modeling and consequent modification of business processes, execution of the business processes, advanced analysis of business processes history.

EMC Documentum is the leading software solution for enterprise content management Prozone, also, uses Documentum platform to implement end client solutions. EMC Documentum Platform provides essential capabilities for managing enterprise content and is the foundation for EMC Enterprise Content Management and Intelligent Case Management product offerings.

PROZONE has aligned with EMC Documentum for providing implementation, integration, upgrade, migration and support services to customers. Our EMC Documentum consulting team has achieved significant experience in successfully deploying EMC Documentum platform across mid to large scale enterprises in various business segments including banking and finance, Oil & gas, energy, engineering, healthcare and public sector organizations.
PROZONE, in ECM projects, also uses products like Microsoft SharePoint Portal, Alfresco, jBPM, Activity…


Enterprise Content Management Services

PROZONE provides wide range of professional services in ECM projects:

  • Project management: Project planning, risk analysis & management, quality management
  • Business consultancy services: Process analysis, Process modeling, simulation and optimization
  • Technical consultancy services: System design, ECM software implementation, Integrations
  • Software Development:
    -    Agile software methodology
    -    Custom software development using ECM platform
    -    Creating workflows
    -    Process based applications development
    -    Testing & optimization
  • ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) & maintenance
  • Customer support



Users will benefit by introduction and use of these software solutions through:

  • Reduction of paper use due to electronic document creation.
  • Decrease of human involvement through rationalisation of the number of staff
  • Mitigation of delays and mistakes caused by the human factor and exclusion of the usual document delivery process
  • Process efficiency improvement
  • Easy process reengineering and adoption
  • Flexible integration with other parts of the existing information system



For further information and references please visit:  Presentation about Prozone Enterprise Content Management solutions on SlideShare.