Document Management is a system that controls electronic documents throughout their whole life cycle, from their creation, manipulation, organization and distribution.

eDocumentus fulfills all the standard requirements of a document management system – it even provides more than that.

  1. Creating the document by loading document from the file system, Creation of documents from pre defined templates, scanning and so on…
  2. Organizing documents, which the user can adjust to their needs with two ways of presentation, via folder or via case
  3. Pre defined document attributes, where as well as the standard system of attributes, it is possible to tailor-make the system for any number of different needs

Document manipulation, is simple and completely adjusted to user requirements. (automatic and manual checkout/checkin for reading and content editing of the document, copying, moving, deleting, pre-viewing and versioning of documents.) Beside the standard search by the basic document data (name of document etc…) eDocumentus allows search by user defined attributes meaning that documents can be searched by any data that belongs to a particular document. Additionally, eDocumentus allows a search by document content meaning a full text search.


eDocumentus also takes care of document and information security, and it features safety mechanisms that allow pre-defining rights not only to view a document but a whole set of privileges, which makes it very easy to profile an operation concerning a document.

Using this method it is very easy to define the rules that will make specified documents invisible to certain users, which will clearly define who can read the document, who can edit the document, who can change attributes of the document, etc.

At the end of the life cycle of a document it is possible to archive it by converting it into a format which can no longer be edited.


For further information and references about Prozone Document Management solutions please visit:  Presentation