Collaborative software is an application which helps people involved in solving joint task to reach the goal easier and faster. Prozone creates software solutions for collaboration between employees in the same company, between external users and customers, as well as communication among state authorities and citizens.

This software improves and increases performances of business process by:

  • Reducing costs by elimination of need for printing, distribution and manual processing and archiving of information and documentation which is being exchanged between external and internal customers.
  • Reducing number of mistakes and shortening the time required for the collection and processing of data and documents within project teams or potential customers with efficient integration of the internal systems
  • Automation of business processes in which are involved internal and external users, by using analytical data in the execution process.
  • Cooperation between internal and external users on the different type of projects which includes joint preparation and mutual exchange of documentation, sharing ideas and scheduling projects and tasks.

PROZONE collaboration solutions support cooperation of group of users as well as individual users. These solutions are supported on various platforms which achieve considerable flexibility of deployment and support for different scenarios of use.

Web Portals

PROZONE implements web portals based on Microsoft Share Point and Liferay software products. These solutions help companies to cooperate with customers and potential customers at higher level through personalized approach, social collaboration, exchange of information and documents. Portals represent a single point of access to possible applications, services, information, and social connections needed for successful business operations.  For government organizations portal represents an entry point that allows two-way interaction with citizens and users of its services by improving their work within increasing transparency.

Social collaboration

PROZONE solutions for social collaboration which involve clients, service users, partners and employees, increase productivity and efficiency of the company introducing innovation and helping the process of digital transformation.

Mobile solutions, provide continous access to resources, employees and customers, in a real time regardless of the location. On the other hand, social networks connect people despite their distance and their time zone.
Our social collaboration solutions allow different methods of cooperation between users: sharing information, documents, project management, business processes management, with the creation of a real working environment, using an integrated platform for cooperation with applications such as Team Workspaces, ActivityStrems, wikis, content management tools, email, calendar and task management.

We strive to improve business processes for our customers in a way that they will perform everyday tasks together in a work environment using a number of functionalities that are available to them.