Prozone consultancy specializes in helping organizations to introduce change and improve their business processes.

The goal of Prozone is to provide the comprehensive process of engineering, from the initial studies up to the point where the client turns over work to a detailed engineering contractor, Prozone takes responsibility for the process of engineering, minimizing bureaucratic delays, streamlining communication and expediting progress.



All changes to business technology demand intelligent analysis, attention to detail and seamless execution.

Prozone has many years of consulting experience and therefore we can offer solutions that result in minimum capital expenditure for a given objective. We can evaluate goals, assess potential solutions or suppliers and plan for the future effectively.



Improving and developing the skills of a workforce is a proven method of showing your commitment to the continual learning of your staff as well as increasing productivity. From an initial skills assessment and consultancy through to standard to bespoke training courses and ongoing skills validation, Prozone can make your employees more productive and effective.

Whether the topic is the implementation of eDocumentus technology or the latest software features, the focus is on achieving the maximum benefit from your investment through training and learning.


Partner Solutions

Strategic partnership between Prozone and prospective partner companies is being punted as a solution to help reduce project delivery times, increase the markets reach and help align projects with key business’ and governance drivers. We invite you to explore the opportunities to become a partner with our innovative and capable company.