eDoc Process Editor is a visual tool for creating the definitions of the workflow process which are ready and adjusted for execution within the eDocumentus system.

eDoc Process Editor brings significant savings to companies that require frequent in-house business process modifications. eDoc Process Editor is a visual tool for creating definitions for the workflow process which are ready and adjusted for execution within the eDocumentus BPM engine.

This editor is fully based on the standard adopted by WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition), an organization responsible for defining standards in the field of workflow. One of the standards of this organization is the standard for modeling business processes the (XPDL standard) which is fully supported by the eDocumentus Process Editor. The modeling result comes in the form of an XML file that is then uploaded to the eDocumentus system, and after this operation, it is possible to create business processes based on this definition.

By opting for eDocumentus, companies can acquire effective business solutions with the benefits of standardization. eDoc Process Editor provides the possibility of in-house process customisation which can significantly improove a companies flexibility in competitive fast-moving industries such as telecommunications, financial services, pharmaceuticals and media. Banks and Insurance companies, for instance, build custom applications to support new financial legislations or to manage various processes that are subject to frequent procedural changes.

The visual interface of the eDocumentus Process Editor allows the easy modeling of the business process by the insertion of graphic elements that represent the participants and activities of the process and transitions that connect them. Additional information on process variables and definitions of applications being executed are all visible on a powerful panel system where each detail of the process execution is described.

The editor is fully adjusted to the requirements of the eDocumentus system. The mentioned adjustments reflect in the support and creation of the so-called extended attributes in XPDL whose syntax is specified by the eDocumentus system, which allow the full integration of the eDocumentus workflow with the system for document management.

Along with the adjustability to eDocumentus, this editor comprises all features of standard modeling editors such as: Undo-Redo support, which in the case of eDoc Process Editor records all changes to the XPDL model.

View of XPDL model in one of the following layouts:

  • Tree, for navigation through the processes in the model
  • Tree, which contains the full model presentations with all details
  • Graphic, which is used for typical process flow modeling
  • Text, where an XDML case is presented in a form it will appear after saving it on the file system
  • Validation, of an XPDL document based on the rules of XPDL specification
  • Search, XPDL model
  • Search and view, references on the selected model entity
  • View, correlation between main XPDL case and its so-called external XPDL cases