A lot of companies are faced with the significant challenge of converting existing documents to electronic form. eArchive is an application that automates and soothes this process. Our simple and intuitive Multilanguage user interface gives you the possibility to quickly; scan, index, classify and upload a large number of documents to the eDocumentus server in just a few clicks.

eArchive is Prozone’s capturing solution and is developed with the purpose to increase the efficiency and security of business-critical document workflows. It reduces the time, cost and hassle of capturing, managing and securing documents as a fast and efficient document capture solution. Over and above, it comes with a choice of proven eDocumentus and/or Documentum software solutions and services to fit your workflow requirements.

eArchive is the high-performance scanning solution for bulk data acquisition of paper documents as a perfect tool for increasing electronic document transfers, providing the basic requirements for further processing of  contemporary and efficient document management. With its capturing solutions Prozone simplifies the process of indexing, classifying and routing documents seamlessly into workflow processes and document management systems.

The scanning system incorporated in the application enables advanced scanners manipulation, scanning profiles creation and their later reuse. Sophisticated algorithms used in the applications are capable of automatically detecting the end of the document and recognize blank pages. Advanced scanning can continuously convert multiple documents to electronic form. During mass-scanning marker pages can be used to separate multipage images into different documents, simplifying usually tardy tasks.

Through OCR technology eArchive has the capability to convert scanned images to text automatically recognizing document attributes. In addition, while processing images rotating, flipping and removing frames from multiframe images can all be performed within the application using the zoom feature for easier previewing.

Publishing documents to the eDocumentus server is simple and easy. Through a powerful user interface eArchive gives the user the possibility to select eDocumentus folders and cases where documents will be published to. Additionally documents can be converted to PDF format during upload to the eDocumentus server. Naturally besides single document eArchive enables multi-document upload.

eArchive’s plug-in framework can be used to extend applications with various add-ons for additional image processing, making it easy to adjust to specific customers needs. Besides document processing these plug-ins can start the processes in eDocumentus, fill additional document attributes or change existing ones.