Asset management is the system that monitors, manages and maintains the company’s property and means of work. IBM Maximo is the leader in the area of the software solutions for the management and maintenance of the assets. Prozone has completed this solution with its system for management of technical documentation – DMS for Maximo. PROZONE recognized the importance of technical documentation management within the business processes that are implemented in IBM Maximo EAM system. Using our document management solution, Maximo users can adopt all the standard functionalities to manage technical documentation. Access to the documentation is provided in the same controlled manner to Maximo users as to users who are accessing the system outside Maximo EAM system. These functionalities are provided by fully integrated eDocumentus DMS system with IBM Maximo. Documentation can be accessed through the Maximo application interface. Every object which is monitored in the Maximo, has its document structure.

eDocumentus DMS component for Maximo benefits:

  • Cost effective solution for full document management in Maximo Enterprise Asset Management
  • Quick and easy multichannel access to technical documentation repository via Maximo, eDocumentus web client, Windows Explorer, MS Outlook, mobile applications
  • Secure environment for complete technical documentation lifecycle
  • Automatic workflow creation related to the technical documentation (creation, approval…)
  • Flexible and extendable solution which can be modified to meet the customer demands.
  • Due to its flexibility, this solution can be ported to some other document management platforms like EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet or Alfresco.

Our solution for management documentation is compatible with the IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure and our application meets the IBM integration criteria for Maximo software.  It is added to the IBM Global Solutions Directory.  Being a Gold Business Partner  shows that we have demonstrated a high level of skills and market success, and that we committed to maintaining a prosperous business relationship with IBM. Further information about DMS for Maximo can be found in this brochure.