Prozone – IT Solutions, the company for software development and consulting, with its participation on two events, IT Week and Konteh at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, will transfer their practical knowledge in business and software development to students who study computer science, and will provide them support in employment.

IT Week is held for the first time from 12th till 15th of March organized by the local AIESEC office in order to improve information technology sector in Novi Sad and to create the awareness among students about the necessary use of technology in business. Organizing this event AIESEC expands its activities further for the possibilities of acquiring a new knowledge and finding ways for individual improvement in information technology.

Employment fair and professional practice Konteh will be held on 16th and 17th of March, 2012. and it will be organized by EESTEC Novi Sad Association of Students of Electrical Engineering Europe. With this project in the recent years Konteh has established contacts between students and companies that offer job, and this event gives a possibility to connect best qualified young professionals to the companies that create new workplaces.



Connecting student organizations and associations, educational institutions and companies represent additional possibility in finding new opportunities, employment, development of local software and technology through a combination of newly acquired knowledge and practical experiences. Domestic software company Prozone has recognized these values and therefore, investing in its own bussiness, has exported its services and software product eDocumentus on foreign markets in Austria, Slovenia, Netherlands, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates.

Participating on these events Prozone will transfer practical knowledge and experience about education, motivation towards learning and individual development, acquisition in practice through lectures and discussions with students, which will help them in further studies and finding employment after graduation.