A team of programmers from “Prozone”, the IT Company from Novi Sad, Serbia, has been successfully implementing software solutions in the area of Enterprise Asset Management through use of the IBM Maximo technology.

One of the greatest challenges in the contemporary running of business certainly constitutes the efficiency in business process, asset and infrastructure management. Making timely and accurate decisions, perception of decision makers regarding investments, application of system solutions and their adjustment to business processes on all levels may be of a crucial importance for sustainability and existence of a company.

Implementation of IBM Maximo software solutions by “Prozone“ at “Kuwait National Petroleum Company” (KNPC) has been applied by functionalities and purpose for around 3,500 strong staff. Currently, there are no running projects of this kind and volume in Europe, and there are but a few worldwide.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a business process that manages property, tangible and intangible assets of a company. Very introduction of such a system comprises a special pre-process especially in the large staff environment. Organization within a company with the infrastructure based on distant locations (such as refineries, production and processing plants, raw material supply installations, stock management facilities and similar) may present a challenge. Implementation and use of EAM enables monitoring of all business and functional (data) flows since it provides visibility, management and control of the available assets and the entire property.


Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Information technologies and software automate these processes as much as possible, thus reducing the level of the most common operational risk, i.e. work errors. Challenges stemming from management and predictability of the workflows in large systems can be significantly reduced by the use of IBM Maximo software, which “Prozone” programmers apply since they simplify all complex processes, and the key information are used for long-term management of the entire assets of the Kuwait National Petroleum Company. The project is being implemented in cooperation with the “Arabian Construction Company WLL from Kuwait”.

Using various software solutions and new technologies, “Prozone” from Novi Sad, Serbia, operates also in Lebanon, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, The Netherlands and Serbia.


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PROZONE company was founded in 2002, in Novi Sad, and specializes in development of software products and solutions, as well as consulting in the information technology field. The company designs software for local and foreign companies. The company covers business activities in the fields of banking, insurance, power supply/distribution, government bodies, organisations and institutions. We have developed our products based on own technological solutions, specializing in document management systems, business processes and contents management, procurement and common commercial business support systems, planning and investment monitoring – according to the requirements and needs of users on both local and international markets.