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We responded to the Invictus Challenge

After almost six months, we met again to support the team that participated in the Invictus Challenge, which took place on Fruška Gora mountain, on Sunday, October 18th. The fearless Prozone team members were – Tanja Milićević, Svjetlana Simić, Vanja Hengl, Milica Peričin, Stefan Radanović, Dušan Žegarac and Nikola Stanković. They managed to cross all […]


Clearer code, calmer head and less gray hair

  “It takes less time to do something good than to explain why you did it wrong.” – HV Longfellow   Since my first encounter with tasks and implementation, while I still studied, to this day, my view of programming and code organization has changed drastically. Initially, just as to any other junior, it was […]

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We celebrated 16th company anniversary

On Friday, November 23th, our company celebrated 16th anniversary at the Golf City Center in SPENS. For positive energy and good time we can thank Viktorija band. The peak of the night were the „Best colleagues“ award announcements. Employees were nominated in 17 categories, and each winner received a certificate and a special present that’s […]

Need insurance? Let us collaborate!

Prozone developed Insurance Collaboration Platform and simplified communication between insurance companies, their agents, brokers and customers.

Like every modern industry, the insurance industry is very dynamic, involving numerous parties. Regulations, people, products and documents are constantly changing. Sharing the latest information among co-workers, management, and external parties is extremely important. Unfortunately, in most cases, communication channels used by insurers are outdated. Information exchange and collaboration is complicated because of the different technologies used within the same company.

Most of insurance companies in their communication still use traditional solutions such as email, CRM, instant messaging and enterprise social platforms which all have certain limitations.

Prozone recently created collaboration platform specially customized for insurance industry. Using this platform Agents or Brokers  are able to approach all information through Agents Portal. It means that their partners and customers are now directly integrated into business processes and value chains. Internal collaboration is improved between the team from the internal department working on the same project, and the rest of company. New communication channels are created with potential customers.  Using collaboration platform, process tracking and claims submission between insurer and the existing customer is further enhanced.

All parties involved in the collaboration are able to access information using application which can be deployed on all mobile devices and providethe safe and secure access to the insurance data.

This platform provided several key improvements: easy integration with other platforms like CRM, DMS, ERP and core system, secure documents sharing with determined access levels and analytical tools.

Benefits this platform provides are numerous:  building deeper business relationships with partners and customers, improving the delivery of new products to the market, higher productivity and time effieciency, improving customer service, and consequently satisfaction of both customers and employees.

We developed the rounded platform, encompassing all processes in insurance using the knowledge and experience from our recent project, where Prozone created information system specially designed for Raiffeisen Assistance insurance brokers.

Presentation about collaboration in insurance is available on this link.