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We responded to the Invictus Challenge

After almost six months, we met again to support the team that participated in the Invictus Challenge, which took place on Fruška Gora mountain, on Sunday, October 18th. The fearless Prozone team members were – Tanja Milićević, Svjetlana Simić, Vanja Hengl, Milica Peričin, Stefan Radanović, Dušan Žegarac and Nikola Stanković. They managed to cross all […]


Clearer code, calmer head and less gray hair

  “It takes less time to do something good than to explain why you did it wrong.” – HV Longfellow   Since my first encounter with tasks and implementation, while I still studied, to this day, my view of programming and code organization has changed drastically. Initially, just as to any other junior, it was […]

Prozone IT Solutions

We celebrated 16th company anniversary

On Friday, November 23th, our company celebrated 16th anniversary at the Golf City Center in SPENS. For positive energy and good time we can thank Viktorija band. The peak of the night were the „Best colleagues“ award announcements. Employees were nominated in 17 categories, and each winner received a certificate and a special present that’s […]

Introduction to eParliament software

Last month in Novi Sad, a presentation of the electronic parliament, software developed by the Prozone team was held. The presentation was organized for the representatives of municipalities who were able to get acquainted with all of the possibilities offered by this software.

Very soon they will have the opportunity to use this software in their local assemblies. At this moment, Leskovac and Pancevo are first two cities which have an opportunity to use this software. It was developed and implemented as a part of the project ” Strengthening the Oversight Function and Transparency of the Parliament – Phase 2” implemented by the United Nations Development Program UNDP and supported by the Swiss Government.

It has been fully parameterized to make it as easy as possible to be implemented in any Assembly, since the manner in which the session is conducted, the deadlines for submission of material, the time of speaking, and the like vary from local self-government to local self-government. The whole project was realized in order to increase the transparency and efficiency of the work of the National Assembly and local assemblies throughout Serbia.